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Air Alsie

When time is of the essence and flexibility a key factor, Air Alsie is the leader in executive jet services in Northern Europe by leading the way in customer satisfaction.

Our aim is to give executives a safe, highly professional and flexible alternative to the inflexibility of scheduled airlines. 

With one of the most modern fleets of executive aircraft, taking you to the furthest destinations on the globe, you can count on us to arrive and depart on your schedule. You are guaranteed a high level of service and comfort, with room for meetings and rest in full discretion. 

Our highly trained crew is always available and ensures that your trip is performed safely and comfortably, and with our 24/7 operation, changes to your flight schedule are handled with short notice in order to ensure an optimal travel program. 

With Air Alsie you can effectively hold several meetings on the same day visiting multiple destinations, or minimize your time away by going out and back on the same day – in your time. 

For more information and fleet specifications please visit our website or call one of our flight charter representatives.

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