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In order to apply for an id-card for Sønderborg Airport, the person concerned must have a legitimate business more than 14 days within a 365 days period.

If that is the case, follow these steps to get your ID card:

  1. In order to apply for an ID card for Sønderborg airport, the managers fill out an application form in collaboration with the employee.
    The form can be downloaded via these links. Danish / English.
  2. The completed application form is sent to together with a digital photo and a colour copy of a photo ID either a passport or driver's license (If the applicant is a foreign national a passport MUST be used as photo ID) or mail to Sønderborg Lufthavn att. Security, Lufthavnsvej 1, 6400 Sønderborg.
  3. Before an ID card can be issued, the employee must undergo a Security Awareness course. This can be done on all computers with internet access, a link to this is provided upon receipt of a detailed resume (from date to date) as well as a criminal record.
  4. The security department then sends the application for approval to the Central and West Jutland police in Holstebro.
  5. When the approval comes back from the police, the applicant company will receive an email with information about collecting the ID card.
  6. It is the responsibility of the applicant company to notify the individual employee that their card is ready for collection. The employee must personally collect the id-card and remember to bring the photo ID used during the application process (Passport / Driver's License), in order to receive the card.


Foreign nationals (who have lived in Denmark for less than 5 years) as well as Danes (who are resident or have been resident abroad for the past 5 years) must obtain a criminal record from all the countries they have been resident in order to be approved for an ID-card. The criminal record must be less than 1 month old and must be in Scandinavian, English or German. For other languages ​​it must be translated by an approved translator.

An expedition time of about 14 days can be expected, the police also have an expedition time of a maximum of 14 days.

Template resume Danish

Template resume English