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A better way…

Sønderborg Airport’s ambition is to be the best regional airport in Denmark. This aim extends to all passengers, customers and partners. 

For passengers, it should be quick, easy and flexible to travel from Sønderborg Airport. It is quite simply a better way to travel, where extra costs, in the form of wasted time in traffic queues, expensive parking, and airport waiting time, are unknown concepts. The flight time to Copenhagen is only 35 minutes, and connection time within Copenhagen Airport is just 45 minutes. This means that you can find yourself at a meeting in Copenhagen city centre, or sitting on a ‘plane on your way to Shanghai, just 1½ hours after take-off at Sønderborg. Note that passengers on some flights can check in at Sønderborg Airport - with baggage - to SAS’s and Blue 1’s approx. 75 final destinations.

The many people who choose to travel with only hand baggage can save a lot of time by going directly to the gate upon arrival at the Airport.

The Business Airport

We also want to be the best regional airport for business.

Several well-established base-companies make up the foundations of our versatile business environment. There are airlines serving Danes and foreigners alike with both regular scheduled travel routes and business jets. A trip to LA or Cape Town is therefore nothing out of the ordinary at Sønderborg Airport. However, aeroplane maintenance, aeroplane software development, and consultancy are all also carried out by businesses which have Sønderborg Airport as their base.

We are located both centrally and in an area of natural beauty. We are out by the sea, and therefore receive no complaints from neighbours - but are also just a stone’s throw away from the centre of Sønderborg. The local area is open-minded and growth-oriented, and there is huge support to be found for the Airport’s activities. In Sønderborg, the sound of a jet engine isn’t taken as a disturbance - but rather as the sound of money.

Mission & vision