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Baggage Rules

The EU has established a set of rules stating what you are allowed to carry in your baggage. The rules apply to all air passengers travelling from EU airports.

Hand Baggage

A significant proportion of the rules the EU has established are to do with the limitation of liquids in hand baggage. Following these, it is not permitted to carry in your hand baggage liquids or fluid substances of any kind within containers of over 100ml capacity.

Read more about liquids in baggage here.

In addition, the following items may not be carried in hand baggage:

  • Pointed or sharp objects, e.g. scissors or knives
  • Explosive or flammable materials, e.g. fireworks or gas containers
  • Firearms or similar objects, e.g. starter pistols or harpoons
  • Blunt objects which can cause injury or harm, e.g. golf clubs or baseball bats

Checked-in Baggage

Most objects can be carried within checked-in baggage:

  • Containers of liquid, with a capacity of greater than 100ml
  • Tools
  • Knives
  • Sharp objects such as razors
  • Legally owned weapons and ammunition (must be reported at check-in)
  • Toy weapons

What is never allowed within baggage?

There are some things which may never be carried within baggage - either in suitcases or hand baggage:

  • Explosives, corrosives and flammable materials, such as camping gas or flammable spirits
  • Oxygenated, poisonous or radioactive materials
  • Magnetic materials
  • Fireworks
  • Anaesthetizing agents
  • Bleaching agents
  • Paint or similar substances

Security personnel have a duty to refuse any objects which they feel might threaten flight security.

Questions about your baggage

It is important for security that you can answer ‘yes’ to the following questions:

  • Is this your own baggage?
  • Have you packed your baggage yourself?
  • Are you sure that no-one else could have placed anything within your baggage?
  • Are you familiar with the contents of any gifts within your baggage?


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