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The EU has established a set of rules which limit the amount of liquids that air passengers are allowed to carry in their hand baggage. You may not carry liquids in your hand baggage in containers which have a capacity of greater than 100ml. You are allowed to bring more than one 100ml container in your hand baggage, but no more than can be held within a transparent, resealable 1 litre bag.

Liquids and fluid substances include the following:

  • Water, juice, drink concentrates, soup and syrup
  • Perfume, aftershave, eau de cologne and similar
  • Partially liquid substances, such as shampoo and toothpaste
  • Oils and creams
  • Materials in pressurized containters, e.g. deodorant or shaving foam
  • Mixtures of solid and liquid substances


Certain fluid substances may be excepted from the rules - such as baby food and medicine, for example - if they are required be used during the journey. Security personnel may ask to see proof of the authenticity of these substances.

It is still possible to bring larger quantities of liquid within your checked-in baggage. Additionally, it is permitted to carry any liquids which have been purchased beyond the airport security point.