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Sonderborg Airports Mission and Vision

Through close collaboration between employees and managers, we have formulated the Airport’s mission and vision statements. These have been formulated, among other considerations, against the backdrop of the Airport’s simple philosophy:

We refuse the make the uncomplicated complicated.

Copenhagen’s Metro subway system is one of the main sources of inspiration in our day-to-day work towards development and improvement. We don’t believe that the passengers should need to arrive two hours before departure. 15 minutes is often enough - and without making any compromises on service or security. It is ultimately a question of culture and of regular common sense.

Sønderborg Airport’s Mission:

We are your airport in the border region.

Sønderborg Airport’s Vision:

We want to be Denmark’s best regional airport.

We will be an attractive partner for every kind of customer (passengers, airlines and base-companies)

We will hold qualified and well-educated personnel in all posts.

We will maintain a high level of service and security.