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Special Assistance

Sønderborg Airport want anyone in need of special assistance, such as disabled passengers or passengers with reduced mobility, to be able to use the airport - along with the facilities and travel options on offer - in a way that meets all of their requirements and needs. 

The airport therefore adheres to the stipulations outlined in EU regulation 1107. The regulation came into effect in July 2008, to ensure that disabled people have the same rights under air travel as other passengers. 


The airport has established special parking spaces for disabled passengers’ vehicles. These spaces are located close to the airport terminal entrance. 

The disabled parking places function as a meeting or collection point, should assistance be required in moving to or from the airport building. Should assistance be needed, the airport staff can be contacted on: +45 74 42 21 30. There is also a sign at the parking place showing this information and telephone number.


Terminal Building

The Airport terminal is designed to be easy to find your way around in.

The sliding doors at the main entrance will remain open as passengers approach, so that people in wheelchairs or who walk at a slower pace can use the main entrance without difficulties. 

Easy-access toilets have been installed - specially designed with wheelchair users in mind.

The Airport also provides wheelchairs, for use by disabled people or people with reduced mobility.


Lifting and lowering

The airport keeps special lifting equipment. There are also staff at the airport who are specially trained to help with lifting, lowering and transferring disabled or reduced-mobility passengers.



Disabled or reduced-mobility people must, as with every passenger, go through the airport security checks. Security personnel are trained on an ongoing basis to carry out security checks in a manner which protects against any dangers to flight security - but which also respects and preserves the dignity of our passengers.