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If you wish to bring a weapon for for instance hunting or sport purposes, there are a number of security rules that have to be observed. If possible, the weapon must be separated and the bolt packed for it self. Are you carrying ammunition, this also has to be packed for it self, and neither weapon nor ammunition must be carried in your hand baggage. The maximum you are allowed to bring are 5 kilograms ammunition, and these must be packed in the original boxes.

Remember to bring the following papers:

Sporting gun:     valid game licence
Sporting riffle:   valid game licence and firearms certificate
Sport weapons:  valid membership card for a gun club and a 
                      permission to carry the weapon.

If you are travelling to another EU country, you will also need to bring a EU weapons passport. 
When travelling to a country outside the EU you have to bring a weapons declaration.

When you travel with weapons it is necessary to arrive 45 minutes before the scheduled take off time at the airport.